Hey, it's Yu.

I'm a designer and developer with emphases in graphic, web, and game design.


My designer roots started when I drew on whatever I can reach as a wee little lad. Many graphite and colored pencils were destroyed in the making. Over the ages, I refined my illustration techniques and applied them to design. As a result, many of my designs are vibrant and polished.



I enjoy immersing in developing applications; it's like putting complicated puzzle pieces together to create a work of art. While my web design and development started from classes, I taught myself mobile development so that I can expand and use that knowledge into game design and development.



In this gallery, you'll find selections that span my journey with design from being a content creator, typographic architect, gameaholic maker, neighborhood merchant, cyberspace builder (1, 2), and moving art producer.


Got a comment or question? Fire it away, and I'll get back at you as soon as possible.