Guess the Number

How to Play: Type in a number between 1 and 20 into the box and click on the CHECK button to see if your number matches the computer's number. You have 20 chances to guess the correct number. Every incorrect guess will drop your score. If your score reaches zero, then it's game over. See if you can get the highest score by making the lowest amount of guesses.


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High Score: 0

Score: 20


HTML | CSS | JavaScript

Guess the Number is a basic JavaScript app. I've designed it to mimic the retro look of a Game Boy game. You must figure out what the computer's number is under 20 attempts. Get the best score by attempting the least amount of guesses.

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Ecommerce | Social Marketing | Advertising | Visual Design | Web Development

HTML | CSS | UI | UX | Illustration

These selections are some of the many works that I've produced forĀ San Francisco Bay Coffee. The creative design leans more on the vibrant, fun side since they are mainly featured in social media and blog posts to increase user awareness and engagement. For the websites, I focused the overall design to be cleaned and structured to prioritize user experience.

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